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Are you looking for a refresh button for the branding of you and your team? Is it time to mix things up and put your best foot forward? Are you looking for a unified feeling on your website or perhaps a wall of portraits in your office of your staff? Nice to meet you. I am Michelle. I am a professional headshot photographer. I have been a photographer since 2006.

As a professional headshot photographer I have seen corporate headshots boost confidence in and out of the office. It can even be a way of creating team unity. I shoot my corporate headshots in a studio downtown Salt Lake City or I come to your place of business. Setting up at your business makes it easy and effortless for your staff to pop in and out. No matter what you choose, I can work with what's best and easiest for you.

A few things to remember for your corporate headshots:

  1. Plan for each employee to spend 10-15 minutes with the photographer.
  2. Manicure your nails! Nails become very noticeable in headshots and can be very distracting.
  3. Plan for two days if you have over twenty employees.
  4. Invest in a professional headshot photographer. Corporate headshots require speed and consistency. If you hire an unexperienced photographer it can result in wasted time and money.
  5. Hire a photographer who can help you envision your end goal. These are not just corporate headshots. This is part of your brand and showcases the culture of your corporation.
  6. Communicate clearly with your staff two to three weeks before the shoot date so there is plenty of time to plan for the day of the photo shoot.
  7. Know if you want a plain background or if you want more of an architectural feel.
  8. Do not experiment with your hair or makeup for your corporate headshots.
  9. Consider coordinating color schemes within your staff for an overall unified look on your social media, website and gallery wall.
  10. Consider coordinating your wardrobe color scheme to your branding colors.
  11. Visualize with your professional headshot photographer the feeling and vibe you want to portray in your final corporate headshots. Do you want to be serious and professional or do you want to be approachable and fun loving? It is crucial for your professional headshot photographer to know this as it determines the way she lights the subject and evokes expression.
  12. It is a lot of work for a professional headshot photographer to travel and set up. If you are going to invest in one headshot, consider doing the entire staff. The first headshot is the most expensive as it requires the most time. It is cost effective once you have paid the photographer to get there to cover the rest of the staff at a fraction of the price.

If you have more questions about corporate headshots, I would love to chat and answer any questions you might have for me as a professional headshot photographer.

Ready to dream up a fun, unifying, uplifting corporate headshot session for you and your staff? I'd love to chat.



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