The Luxury Photography Experience

Your portrait experience deserves to be timeless. We delight ourselves as an unrivaled full service studio, providing you the best white glove service in the market.

The Experience

1.Photoshoot Concept Consultation

We don't just take beautiful pictures that you can see. We capture portraits you feel. We sit down and together discover what feelings you want conveyed and the story you want to be told in your final legacy portrait. It is curated specifically with your family values and unique story in mind. Your portrait becomes more than a picture but your family mission statement captured in a work of art.

2.Wardrobe selection consultation

Choose from our client closet, hire us as your personal shopper or get our expert wardrobe stylists opinion on what to wear for your session. We will discuss the interior decor of your home to be sure your outfits match the color pallet and vibe of your home.

3.In Home Design Consultation

Discover where you want your legacy portrait hung so the photographer can shoot specifically for the space you are designing. We will take into consideration your home decor for final products and have an idea of what finishes will look best in your space.

4.Hair and Makeup 1 hour before your session

We want you to feel your very best at your portrait session. Hair and makeup is always provided for mom. We believe moms deserve a little extra pampering on picture day. It provides a boost of confidence and levels up the mood in the best way!

5.Connection Session

Arrive to your session ready to be open, raw, vulnerable and connected. Our unique shooting style will draw out your most authentic personalities and love. Questions will be asked to invoke deep and meaningful connection so when your portraits are hung you don't just see a picture you feel your love.

6.Studio Reveal and Design Session

Choose your favorites and how you want to preserve your memories while we enjoy drinks and a charcuterie board . Every image that is chosen is delivered in an Italian Leather album as well as the matching digital file. (If an 8x10 is purchased you will receive a file up to an 8x10 etc.) We have a variety of finishes for custom artwork including museum quality canvases that are hand brush stroked, acrylic and metal mediums.

7.Professional Installation

Sit back and relax as your artwork is delivered and installed for you.

8.Feel the joy of your legacy family portrait everyday

Your legacy family portrait will be the center of attention in your home. The family values and unique story conveyed in your portrait art will become a conversation piece with your guests.

We believe your love should be the focus of your home and Ellsworth Portraits brings it alive by masterfully crafting heirloom keepsakes that will bring you joy day after day as the memories live on your wall and in your hands. Not dying on a hard drive or floating in the sea of thirty seven thousand icloud photos.

Your love deserves the most exquisite display.

What to Expect Financially

Our average client plans on investing five to seven thousand dollars in final artwork. Some clients spend as little as five hundred dollars and other clients spend ten thousand dollars and more.

We have collections to fit every clients budget.

Call for a Custom Quote

custom canvas print

What Makes Ellsworth Portraits Different

We believe the most beautiful piece of art you could hang in your home is the love you have created. Ellsworth Portraits offers only the very best quality in the industry. Each piece is customized, hand finished and built to stand the test of time. You will never find finished products and canvases like ours. They are bespoke masterpieces that will make any visitor in your home take a step back and say, 'wow'.

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Schedule a Consultation

I'd love to chat. I book out several months in advance but am happy to squeeze in last minute inquiries for an additional $50.


What Makes You Worth What You Charge?

Thanks for asking! You will never find a photographer like Michelle. Michelle combines her education in psychology, the wisdom from her oldest sons passing and her extensive study of camera gear to bring you the most unforgettable portrait experience you have ever had. Michelle shoots specifically with her mission in mind, 'if I could go back one more day, what would I want to remember?' The answer to that is Michelle captures more than the perfect portrait. She captures your everything. She uses a carefully honed process to convey the spirit behind the smiles and create authentic connection inside the captures. Because of the unique techniques Michelle uses while shooting, when you look at your final artwork you won't just see a beautiful portrait. You will FEEL the love you hold for those you hold dear.

Where are you based and do you travel?

Michelle is based in the Greater Salt Lake Valley as a Utah photographer. Michelle does travel and keeps her website updated with her whereabouts and availability. She oftentimes combines her work with play so if she's visiting your city, she will be sure to post it to her blog. Otherwise Michelle does travel upon request with a pre-purchase of a collection.

When will we get our photos?

Our state of the art canvases take approximately 4 weeks to customize, deliver and install. The design consultation will take place 1 week after your session so you should have your portraits installed in your home 4-6 weeks after your portrait session.

How many pictures will we receive?

Your reveal will include 60-100 images to choose from. Any image you love enough to print in an album or hang on your wall you receive the social media digital file. It's the best of both worlds! You get physical prints and digitals to share on social media.

Why Don't You Sell Just Digitals?

After seeing one too many clients have their memories die on a broken hard drive or get lost in the sea of iCloud photos, I realized most people have good intentions to do something with their portraits but typically never do. I believe what we create together is something special and deserves to be remembered in twenty years from now. I also believe your memories deserve to be preserved with the best quality keepsakes. I work with professional printing labs that only work with professional photographers. Our products are not available to consumers as we offer best on market products.