It seems just like yesterday your child was spilling cheerios on the floor and leaving greasy handprints on all the doors and now they are ready for their High School Senior Portraits.

You have captured their childhood from their first breath, first steps, first teeth and their dirty feet.

Here you are at the end of the road with your child just about fully grown. How do they want to be portrayed in their high school senior portraits? This is the time to capture everything that makes them unique!

And just like that your infant has grown right out of your arms. How do you want your child to see themselves as they make their mark on the world?

Confident? Brave? Courageous? Happy? Hopeful? Joyful?

The moment a child becomes an adult is a moment to be remembered forever. Quite possibly one of the most magnificent milestones.

When your child leaves the nest let’s send them off with an added measure of encouragement that they can do anything.

High school senior portraits is about bringing to light character and confidence. We make our senior portraits the royal experience. Your child will feel like they can take on the world after we capture their everything.

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Want to dream up the most magnificent photoshoot you and your child could dream of? Let's chat. I'd love to capture the magic of this milestone in your life.

The best time for senior portraits is the summer before your child's senior year in high school. I do reserve a handful of spots in March and April for current seniors who are late to the game. It's not too late!