High School Senior Photographers

If you are looking for a high school senior photographer near me, look no further. As a high school senior photographer since 2006, I love to spoil my graduating seniors with their senior portraits. We offer an experience unparalleled to any Utah photographer. Our senior in the city experience gives your child a red carpet experience for the day. This experience offers more than beautiful portraits to cherish forever, it sends your child off into the world with an added boost of confidence in themselves.

Things to Consider about Senior Portraits:

  • What are your child's hobby's? How can they be incorporated with the shoot?
  • What are your child's extracurricular activities? How can they be included?
  • What is your child's personality like? How can wardrobe emphasize that?
  • What does your child want to do as an adult?
  • Do Mom and Dad want to participate in their child's portraits?
  • Are they outdoorsy/sporty? If so what location would highlight this?
  • Are they sophisticated or playful or both?
  • Are they casual or classy, or both?
  • Who are their best friends? Do they want to participate? What do they like to do together?
  • Is your child involved with any clubs?
  • When do you need the senior photos for the yearbook?
  • When do you need the senior portraits back for announcements?

How to Prepare for Senior Portraits:

  • Meet with me to choose a location(s).
  • Meet with me for a wardrobe consultation.
  • Decide how you want to preserve these memories-wall art, albums and announcements.
  • Nails are a big deal. Make sure hands are well manicured and kept.
  • Get hair done with ample time before the planned shoot in case something unforeseen happens that needs correcting.
  • Get on the schedule for our hair and makeup artist.
  • Be sure to eat a full meal before your photo shoot.
  • Bring snacks and water to your portrait session..
  • Pack hairspray and touchup makeup. Don't forget the lipgloss!
  • Press your wardrobe beforehand for a fresh, unwrinkled look.

What to communicate to your High School Senior Photographer:

  • Be honest about physical insecurities. There are MANY things a skilled photographer can do with lighting and angles to help with certain insecurities.
  • Inside jokes to get your child to authentically connect with the camera.

Are you ready to give your child a boost of confidence and create keepsakes you will cherish forever as your baby becomes an adult? I'd love to chat and create something you will hold dear for a lifetime.

Senior in the City Lifestyle Experience

  • 3-5 Locations
  • 3-5 Wardrobe changes
  • Up to 5 friends
  • Up to 3 hours shooting

*Hair and makeup can be added

I believe one of the most important times to celebrate your child's life is that moment of transition from child to adult. Your high school senior portraits are the bookend to your child's childhood. It's the time to highlight all of their achievements and personality. These portraits aren't just another photo to get lost in the sea of icloud photos. This is an opportunity to capture and create keepsakes for your future grandchildren.

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