Utah County Photographer | Aspen Grove Utah

As a Utah county photographer one of my favorite ways I love to serve my clients is diving into finding a location that is meaningful and special to them. Most photographers have their favorite locations and will rotate through them and stack their clients back to back so they only have to travel once. It's smart. I used to be that photographer. It saved a lot on gas and time. Then I discovered the power of meaningful locations.

Each family is so different, with such a unique story to tell. Locations should be chosen off of meaning, while taking into consideration home decor and color schemes. I believe every family deserves my undivided attention for as long as it takes to get their perfect portraits and not feel rushed.

There is no location I would not travel to if it meant we could capture the sentimental story of my clients. Let me say that again. There is NO LOCATION I would NOT travel to in order to capture the sentimentality of my clients story. I might be a Utah county photographer but I travel around the world as a photographer to capture people in their places that are special to them. So if you live in New York, Florida, California, Arkansas or Kentucky (or anywhere really) I would take my tushy on a plane to come to you. If you live in Utah but really wanted to to walk the streets in Italy with your husband because that's where you honeymooned, I'm your gal. If your happy place is Lake Powell behind a boat-I have you covered. If it is at the top of a mountain in skis and snowboards I'll throw my board in my trunk and meet you at the top. If you can conceive it, we can achieve it.

Once we discover the perfect photography location, I like to dig deeper. Is there something we could incorporate into your session that would give it that little bit of extra story telling flare?

After talking to EmileeI learned she and her husband met in Provo and had their first kiss in the mountains. A few minutes digging into their brand new love story she giggled and told me their first kiss happened in a hammock up in the mountains. I new we had to do her portraits at Aspen Grove in Utah County.

The lightbulb went off in my head and the scheming began to happen. The poem rattled through my mind

"First comes love then comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby carriage."

Except a few words were altered

"First comes love, then comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby hammock"

I just new the story we had to tell was where their love started and how it had come full circle now with their first born child.

Because I only take 3 clients a month, this is the kind of service I love having time and attention to give. I value not just giving my clients beautiful portraits, but images that tell the story and capture the sentimentality.

I love being a Utah county photographer. If you need some location ideas, here is my location guide. If you are looking for a photographer who will serve you hand over fist, let's chat. I believe everyone deserves a white glove experience once in their lives. Or lots of times.

Have a great day!