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Do you have 37,000 photos drifting in the icloud sea or dying on a hard drive somewhere? I do. I have so many photos collecting digital dust it gives me anxiety to think about them sitting there going to waste. My biggest fear is that I don't totally understand how all the tech stuff works and that one day my icloud will just vanish and all those memories I worked so hard to collect will be that of a distant memory. In today's digital world, capturing memories is easier than ever before. With smartphones, we can take pictures of our loved ones anytime, anywhere. Sometimes it feels hard to justify spending money on a professional family photographer. However, there's something special about having professional family photos taken. How do you go about choosing a family photographer and why even incur the cost? Why does one family photographer cost five hundred dollars and others are 50K? (You read that right. Some families spend 50K on family photos!)

There are hundreds, if not thousands of photographers in this digital age. It gets overwhelming to figure out who to trust your precious memories with. In addition, there is a vast range of options and pricing when it comes to family photographers. I will explain to you the difference between a cheap family photographer and the best family photographer.

There are many decent cheap family photographers. They show up, take your family photos, edit them and deliver them in a gallery for you to download. It's up to you to make something of those digital images. If you are like most people, you might get around to printing some Christmas cards and a few 8x10's only to be replaced down the road. The rest of your family photos will get swallowed in the endless abyss of the icloud sea. They will be lucky to be seen again after that initial adrenaline hit of social media likes and comments.

A cheap photographer keeps customer service and customer experience to the bare minimum. Their expertise is solely behind the camera. The experience they offer begins and ends with the hour you have blocked off on their calendar.

In some cases, you are merely paying someone to practice their hobby on your family with no guaranteed results.

The responsibility then lies in your hands to get your images printed at Costco or Walmart. You know you want a way to display them magnificently in an album, but you don't know how to design it or where to go to print it.

A luxury fine art family photographer gives you a completely different experience. They serve their clients from A to Z and everything in between. The luxury fine art family photographer begins with a family dynamic consultation. Discussing the personality of each family member. The luxury fine art family photographer will consult on wardrobe and offer a hair and makeup service. The expertise for this kind of family photographer doesn't end there. This photographer will walk through your home. Visualize and conceptualize the perfect family portrait for your specific space. They will take into consideration your style, personality, lighting and home decor. They will discuss your goals of the story you want portrayed as the centerpiece of art in your home.

From there, a luxury fine art family photographer won't just take gorgeous family photos. They will transform them from a dying digital to a magnificent work of art with custom, hand stretched museum canvas quality prints as well as keepsake heirloom albums that can be passed down through generations. This photographer has endless options for print sizes, print finishes, frames and most importantly, it's done for you with a white glove. Final art work is installed so all you have to do is sit back, love on your family and watch your memories come to life. Essentially it's like commissioning an artist to paint a portrait of your family.

A luxury fine art family photographer has the skills and expertise to create truly breathtaking images and transform them into breathtaking art work for your home. They understand how to use light, composition, and color to create a work of art that captures the essence in your family photos that looks like it is a piece of furniture for your wall. These images are not just snapshots; they are works of art, carefully crafted from beginning to end that will be cherished for years to come.

Most importantly, a luxury fine art family photographer can help create a sense of family history and legacy. By preserving high-quality family photos with prints, you are creating a tangible record of your family's story. These images can be passed down from generation to generation, providing a sense of continuity and connection to the past.

Family photos have the power to evoke strong emotions and create lasting memories. When you look at a beautiful photo of your family magnificently displayed in your home, you can be transported back to that moment in time, reliving the joy and love you felt in that moment.

With luxury fine art photography, the sky is the limit. The possibilities are endless in what kind of art you want displayed in your home.

I have seen over a hundred thousand dollars of art work be installed into clients homes. I have seen one thousand dollars of art work be installed into clients homes. There is a place for luxury portrait photography in any home.

Ask yourself how do you want to remember today in twenty years from now? Do you want to scroll through forty thousand photos on your phone or would you rather pick up an Italian leather album off your shelf on Thanksgiving when the family gathers?

In my personal opinion, the most beautiful centerpiece of artwork in the home that could possibly be hung on your walls is the love you have created within those same walls.


Michelle Ellsworth

(No, you don't need to spend $50- $100k to hire a luxury photographer. Most luxury photographers can meet their clients needs between $3k-$10k.)

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