Utah Family Photographers

Ever wonder how to choose which of the many Utah Family Photographers is the right fit for you?

There are hundreds of Utah family photographers to choose from. So where do you even start?

I have compiled what differentiates Utah family photographers from another and why there is such a wide range in terms of investment.

Many people call and ask, 'how much do you charge?'

All Utah family photographers charge differently based on the level of service and expertise they provide.

I likened the variations of Utah family photographers to the different levels of shopping experiences.

First, you have your 'thrift store photographer'. When you walk into a thrift store you have thousands of options crammed onto hangers in a sea of possibility. There is no promise you will get anything great but the idea of finding a gem in a haystack for minimal cost makes you take the risk. This is the Utah family photographer who has used gear and takes a thousand pictures and you might find a few gems from your session. And you might not. When shopping at a thrift store you might come away with one or two great finds and the rest is just 'meh'. There is no customer service and you have to take the clothes home and launder them to get the stench out. But still, you are thrilled that you got something great at the fraction of the cost. This is your budget Utah family photographer. You take the one or two gems from the session and it's up to you to take care of the rest. This is your photographer who charges $50-$150 for a session and includes all the digitals.

Next you have your 'Walmart photographer.' When you walk into Walmart, it has everything you need. There is nothing fancy but it gets the job done. The Walmart photographer owns new gear, but just gear that will get them by. It doesn't lend to anything fancy but it gets the job done. Customer service is difficult to find in Walmart due to the high volume products they provide. They make money from volume, not service or experience. Similarly a 'Walmart' Utah family photographer has limited time for customer service as they service a high volume clientele at a budget price . These Utah family photographers provide decent portraits but nothing you are overly excited to show off to friends or brag about. If you need assistance with your images, it is difficult to receive customer service because their time is limited with the high volume they are shooting. Sometimes you end up with something you love and other times you end up with garbage. This is the photographer who charges $150-$350 for the session and all the digitals.

Third you have your 'Nordstrom Rack' photographer. If you have been into Nordstrom Rack you will know you get the same great quality products as you do from Nordstrom but you lack the customer service.You are doing the work to find your golden gems and it's very hands on by the shopper. You walk away with a great product that you paid a portion of the price for. This photographer has a great camera and provides high quality that is dependable. You get the feeling of owning nice things at a fraction of the cost of the department store. It is good quality but the service does not exist. This is the photographer who charges $400-$600 for the session and all the digitals.

Now you have your 'Nordstrom' photographer. When you walk into Nordstrom you are warmly greeted by a non threatening customer service representative who is ready and willing to walk you through finding the perfect match of whatever it is you are shopping for. They have suggestions and the salesman gets to know you and your preferences. They retrieve shoes, a different size of clothing to try or a suggests a certain scent of perfume baed on your skin type. This kind of Utah family photographer serves their clients at a high level. They get to know their clients needs, wants and desires. The photographer cares about who you are and connects with you as they find ways to make your life easier. These are your full service studios who deliver finished product to your 100% satisfaction. This photographer provides a hands-off experience where things are done for you and they stand behind their work and products. This is the photographer you anticipate investing $1k-3k with.

Last, there is your luxury 'Louis Vuitton' Utah family photographer. Shopping at Louis Vuitton you can expect unique statement pieces that are state of the art in the industry. This is the best of the best quality. The experience shopping a luxury brand is entirely different than you can get anywhere else. Drinks are served during the shopping process and every detail is precisely taken care of for the buyer. It is an experience that makes the shopper feel important and special. The 'Louis Vuitton' Utah family photographer will offer only state of the art products for their clients. They shoot with the best equipment and know the ins and outs of their craft. They will turn your portraits into statement pieces of art for your home. The details are combed over and the client doesn't have to lift a finger. It is service at its best. The final product feels luxurious in your hands and is made of only the finest materials. They take into consideration your interior design during the shoot concept consultation. This photographer will provide hair and makeup to help you feel special. Your wardrobe will be carefully orchestrated with the photographer stylist and finally your end product will be installed for you. This is the Utah family photographer you anticipate investing $5k-$10k and up with.

The point is, you can purchase a handbag at any one of these stores. The experience and quality of the handbag commands the price tag. There is a photographer for everyone and every budget. It all depends on what experience you value.

Rather than asking, 'how much do you charge?' next time ask, 'what experience do you offer?' And shop for the experience that resonates with your dreams.

As one of the many Utah family photographers, I personally believe our stories are worth the very best. I believe the most beautiful art that can be hung in our homes is the love we have created within those walls. Because of my story, there is nothing I wouldn't pay to go back one more day and remember my everything. My mission is to provide only the very best finished product and experience my clients will never forget.

Much Love my friends.

Michelle Ellsworth

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