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In today's Utah photography blog I am going to explain the difference between a professional Salt Lake Photographer and an amateur photographer. I will discuss why there is such a difference in cost between a professional portrait photographer and a hobbyist. Last I will cover the best times to consider splurging and hiring a professional Salt Lake family photographer and when to hire an amateur.

Professional Salt Lake Photographer vs. Amateur Photographer

If you have shopped for a Salt Lake photographer lately, I'm sure you've discovered photographers are priced all over the board. It's hard to know why some photographers command a higher price tag. Hopefully this will help you understand the different levels of service, talent and experience that is in the photography industry.

Your professional Salt Lake Photographer will:

  1. Offer extended service to their clients. Some of these services include:
  2. Wardrobe Consultation
  3. Personal Shopping
  4. Location consultation and customized location scouting
  5. Professional Hair and Makeup
  6. Interior Design consultation
  7. Access to the highest quality products in the industry only pro's have access to
  8. Professional art installation
  9. Lifetime guarantee

Professional Salt Lake Photographers have been shooting long enough that your session is not about figuring out settings. Hiring a professional photographer means your pro is so comfortable behind the lens they can focus on pulling you out of your comfort zone and into connection with your loved ones. Your pro photographer will not be practicing on you. Because they are confident with their gear, they have more ability to help YOU become confident in front of the camera.The biggest difference is the focus is on serving YOU not their camera.

Your amateur photographer will:

  1. Stack sessions on top of each other, leaving you feeling rushed.
  2. Choose a location they want to shoot at, not what's perfect for your family and your decor.
  3. Hand over two hundred photos that are all similar.
  4. Deliver digitals in on online gallery you have to sift through and organize and figure out how to create keepsakes that will last a lifetime and beyond.
  5. Once the online gallery is up they are on to the next client. Little to no continued customer service.
  6. When you need extra attention/service they are too busy for you.
  7. They leave the guess work on your plate to decide what will look good in your space.
  8. Put the responsibility in your hands to get your pictures printed.

Why The Cost Difference Between a Hobbyist and a Professional Salt Lake Photographer?

Professional photographers have gone through the gauntlet to come through the amateur stage to make it a sustainable career to support their families. In this process, pro's have invested heavily in continuing education, competitions, mentors and coaches. Professional Salt Lake Photographers typically carry over ten thousand dollars of equipment in their bag. At home they have invested another five to seven thousand dollars in computers and software. For every hour spent shooting, a pro spends 4-5 hours in customer service, editing, designing and delivering. If your professional Salt Lake photographer owns a studio, there is another two to five thousand dollars of equipment. All of this equipment gets rotated through every one to two years. As you can see, photography is not a hobby for a pro. It's an investment to serve your family in the way we do.

So how do you know where the threshold is for a hobbyist and pro? It really depends on how much time, money and education a photographer has invested in their craft. It's not a matter of time spent in the industry. You can tell the difference between a hobbyist and a pro by the level of customer service they provide. A hobbyist or amateur will not carve out two hours to come and sit in your home and discuss your decor and final artwork to be displayed. They simply do not have time nor do they charge enough to justify giving that kind of time to their clients. All in all, the greatest indicator of an amateur and pro salt lake photographer is their level and range of services. The more the pro does for you and the more stress they take off your plate, the more the prices go up.

There is a time and season to invest a pro salt lake photographer and an amateur. If finances are tight, don't let money get in the way of capturing your family memories! Get it done! If you can afford a more luxury experience with a photographer who doesn't specialize just in portraits but also in interior design and clothing consultations you will never regret spending a little extra to have the next level experience.

I liken professional salt lake photographers to hamburgers. You can buy a hamburger from McDonald's for five bucks. Down the street you can buy a hamburger for fifty bucks at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. They are both hamburgers and they both fill up a growling tummy. The quality, experience and service are what's different. There is a hamburger price point to serve any hungry human. Same with photography. It's up to you to decide the kind of quality, service and experience you value and appreciate!

Happy Day my friends!

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